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Stress serves well when there is an accurate life-threatening situation.


However, when it becomes chronic and a way to react to life it becomes unhealthy and damaging to our livelihood. Any unexpected event can be a stressor (work, life, family, health) causing many physical ailments and challenges. Yet they are part of our daily structure and we all struggle through the effects of stress. So I ask you: 


What would your life look like without Stress?

Stress Management

Are you sick and tired of being “stressed out” all the time?
Are you sick and tired of being "stressed out"?

This Yoga-based Stress Management is a perfectly designed package to give you a sustainable toolbox to RELIEVE and COPE with stress. It will help you create a more RESILIENT life. It holds a systematically proven formula with four essentials keys. This formula offers individuals the opportunity to sharpen their mental aptitude and free the body from tension. The ultimate goal is to achieve freedom in your daily life with ENERGY and TIME management.



One-on-One Stress Management.


Energy and time management starts with releasing tension in the body leading to clarity of mind and stress-free thinking.


Private sessions gives you a powerful mélange of Yoga and Coaching, addressing different elements in your life to alleviate your stress and inspire you to achieve your goals. I will include yogic principles with movement and stress reduction techniques. As well, as empower you with coaching skills to learn how stress manifest in your life resulting in stress-free thinking.


For information regarding Stress Management Workshop, please contact me.

Group/Semi Group


Do you have a group of friends or family members who wants to experience a semi-private session in the comfort of your own space? (4ppl minimum)

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